Twitter Site Attacked "Hacker"

hackerTwitter acknowledge the existence of a hacker attack on its website on Tuesday (21/09/2010). However, the attacks have now been successfully resolved and not to turn off the service.

“We have identified and are coping with an attack type of XSS (cross site scripting),” a statement on the blog StatusTwitter. Blog Twitter then updating its report that the attack had been completely resolved and the site returned to work normally.

Previously, the social media site Mashable reported, thousands of users who access the Twitter microblogging service through the web site to crash. As a result of the attack, the website Twitter suddenly diverted to other sites that are not desirable.

Worse, the transfer is done with the rough because only with mouseover or drag the mouse movement. That way, visitors suddenly taken to another site. The attack uses JavaScript called onMouseOver.

The attack was only experienced users access Twitter through the website. The attacks did not interfere with users who access it through a third-party applications, such as web, and the like.

Sign up for Facebook Microsoft Outlook

facebookMicrosoft to integrate Facebook into Microsoft Outlook to enable users to access information on the social networking site through the email manager software. Outlook now allows users to view profiles and perform activities on their Facebook account through the “Browse Pane”, which provided new Outlook.

“You can look at social networking and email, so you stay connected to friends, family, and partners, ‘said Paco Herrera Contreas, Product Manager of Microsoft Office. Previously, Microsoft has integrated the two other social networking sites, MySpace and Linkedin, into Outlook start in February and then, through the “Social Outlook Connector” the same.

According to Herrera, Social Outlook Connector makes it easy for busy people to access social networking in Outlook. Outlook 2003 and 2007 users can download the latest version of Outlook Connector from the Microsoft Download Center Social, whereas Outlook 2010 users can get it via Microsoft Update.

Airline Tickets booked on Facebook

deltaFacebook can now also be used to book airline tickets. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines Inc., pioneered the service which was launched on Thursday (8/12/2010) local time.

This is the first service flight bookings via Facebook though nearly all the airlines in there using social networking to promote their services. Booking is done through a special application that can be accessed through Facebook with a “Ticket Window”.

Not only on Facebook, Delta plans to expand the window of the ticket reservation service to other sites. Delta also develop banner ads that can be used as the entrance to reserve tickets direct flights to various destinations.

Previously, airlines in the U.S. a greater like Jet Blue and Southwest’s first use social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach consumers. In fact, both companies appoint a special staff to promote products and brand companies and managing complaints.

However, Atlanta-based Delta is more aggressive, even preparing a special iPhone application for booking plane tickets. Through these applications and services, prospective customers can check flight schedules, check on order status, and adjust the flight plan before making a booking.

the U.S. government Criticizing BlackBerry blocking

black berrySteps to be taken the Government to block a United Arab Emirates criticized the BlackBerry service. Therefore, many parties are worried it will affect the level of foreign tourists to the area. In fact, the United Arab Emirates as the country’s ambition to become major business and tourism.

Just so you know, Dubai airport is visited approximately 100,000 people each day. Conditions that make Dubai airport as the busiest in the Middle East. The existence of blocking emails will make more businesses accelerate the time of his visit in Dubai and replace the aircraft to another destination.

In Washington, the Interior Ministry spokesman PJ Crowley said the United States, the ban was related technology is the wrong policy direction. “We will make the United Arab Emirates with clarifications about what the reasons behind the action,” said Crowley, yesterday.

Just a reminder, a few days ago, the Emirates government announced plans to block the BlackBerry email service. The reason, existing data on the BlackBerry is connected directly with the computer companies overseas. Conditions that cause the government is difficult watching illegal activity or other cyber crimes.

A Look At The Reverse Phone Detective

detctOne thing which all of us put premium on is communication. We all need to communicate if we are to socially survive. However, I do not think at all that telegrams and snail mails would fit in with the very fast paced and hectic lives we lead in this ultra modern world.

These traditional modes of communication are now replaced with different phones.

I would probably consider the telephone as one of the most ingenious inventions of the 20th century. It is because it has allowed people from different points of the globe to communicate with each other faster and more conveniently. Although telephones are a must in every household, it has some disadvantages as well.

However, having a phone has a certain catch. You get preyed on by pranksters and telemarketers. This becomes such an annoying experience.

It’s hard enough for me to stay in the phone to talk to my mother as I am always busy, how much more to pick up the phone for no reason at all.

This is the reason for why I tried out Reverse Phone Detective. I have been able to do a great deal of things with it already.

I was finally able to trace all those telemarketers who plagued my phone with calls selling anything from loan modification packages to coffee and told them to stop.

One other thing that I was able to do was to finally find out who all those pranksters who kept calling me were and finally scare them to stop calling me.

And I got to trace a few numbers that kept appearing in my telephone bill.

However, the most meaningfully useful thing that I can use the Reverse Phone Detective on is to get reacquainted with long, lost friends.

I only need to simply match the different old numbers of those people with their new numbers. And in the end of the day, keeping in touch with important people in our lives is just amazing.

Using PayPal On E Bay.

paypalPayPal and e bay had been made for each other and now that e bay owns PayPal, using them collectively is getting even easier.What is PayPal?
Individuals with PayPal accounts can send money to one another securely online. You possibly can deposit cash in a PayPal account from a bank account or a bank card, and withdraw money to your bank account. It is the most common means of paying on e bay, in addition to being in widespread use on the remainder of the Internet.

Opening a PayPal Account.It’s very easy to get a PayPal account. Just go to and click the ‘Sign Up’ link. As a buyer, you should get a Personal account – you can always upgrade later if you decide to start selling. Then all you need to do is enter your address, phone number and email address, and create a password, and two secret questions. You’ll be emailed a confirmation, and then you are done!

If you want to deposit cash into the account now, then it’s essential to register a credit card or debit card or your bank particulars, and if you want to withdraw cash then you must register your financial institution details. There isn’t any must do anything like that simply but, though.Paying with PayPal-Paying with PayPal is very simple. Whenever you win an auction sale and click on ‘Pay Now’, you may be given an inventory of payment strategies the vendor accepts.

Becoming Verified.-you might have noticed that there is a limit to how much money you can send or withdraw using PayPal before you need to be verified. Verification has two steps.

First, PayPal deposit some very small cash in your account and it’s necessary to tell them how a lot they deposited. Second, they should telephone you to confirm your address and phone number. Upon getting completed that, all the limits on your account will be lifted. Log in at and click on ‘Get Verified’ for more information.

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RIM Make Twitter application for BlackBerry

Twitter users are now free to access these microbloging services through a smartphone by using a number of third-party applications such UberTwitter, Viigo, or Snaptu. But, for special BlackBerry, Research In Motion (RIM) will release a Twitter application for BlackBerry.

The application is in beta version now, but it already can be used at this time. However, it can be downloaded and used by a particular user who received a special invitation to try it.

“Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones will soon be available for download, so you can do all your favorites on Twitter,” RIM statement on its website.

It has complete features such as Twitter update information, send private messages, reply tweet, re-tweet, follow friends, and do a searching. You can even send link directly from the BlackBerry browser, upload photos, and join in the discussion.

Facebook Acknowledge There is an API Problems for BlackBerry

Facebook application problems that can not be worked on BlackBerry had complained from users throughout the world. Facebook acknowledges that it happens because there is a problem in the API (application programming interface) that developers use to build applications.

“We have a problem with our API so that multiple users can not access the current through the device. API is designed so that partners can provide the operator a solid Facebook application. We’re still trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” that was the statement from Facebook Erictric site.

As the display changes in its web version, Facebook is releasing a new version of the API through their developer blogs. API changes are probably not directly followed by Research In Motion (RIM) on his BlackBerry service.

However, some users reported that the Facebook application on BlackBerry is working again starting Thursday afternoon. In fact, it looks little changed with the addition if the update status icons with links to specific sites, such as YouTube icon if there is a link to a video sharing site in the news feed menu.

Twitter will adopt Facebook Connect for The Newest Feature

Twitter and Facebook are the toughest competitors in the world of social networking. Both are now attracting a lot of Internet users in the world. From the young to the old does not want to lose in trying the service. You are one of them?

Twitter is now reportedly preparing to release a new tool that allows websites to be able to party as easily integrated with Twitter website and services. In short, this new feature seems to be answering the popularity of Facebook Connect that were already there.

Facebook Connect Facebook itself has raised since May 2008. At the same time, the Google and MySpace also announced that is working on similar projects at the same time.

Facebook Connect itself finally been put to use in the year 2008 as well. At least now there are 80,000 websites that have been integrated with Facebook Connect and Facebook 60 million users already use this feature. For many of these third-party websites, this feature is very helpful for users who want to register or log on their website.

Facebook Connect is very attractive for many small sites, although this feature is very easy to implement. By using it, they can create some widgets that bring direct Facebook features can be enjoyed by a third-party website with very easy integration.

Last year, Twitter has launched a button which allows users of third-party website to website Twitter login and identify themselves, as in the system for comment.

Twitter This new product will be able to authenticate the user, retrieve data and then displays them on Twitter. There is now a special API for this feature which seems to be rather like Facebook Connect.

Apparently between Facebook and Twitter even be competitors but would continue to complement each other and mutual hanky-dig to become the number one in his class.

Mobile Tribe: Facebook, Google, MySpace, YouTube on One Full Control

For those who like to hang out on the Internet by using mobile phones, there must be Internet-based applications scattered on their mobile phone. There are Opera Mini to access Facebook, My Space, You Tube, there are Google Mail, Yahoo! GO, and similar applications. Luckily if the phone supports multitasking. If it is not?

Well, do not get into trouble, let’s try Mobile Tribe. With Mobile Tribe you can combine the various social networking services on the Internet in one application. The various features of Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Plaxo, Yahoo and Google can run simultaneously without having to access each site manually. You can get a warning every time a new message, e-mail, posting on the wall, adding a friend request on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Yahoo or Gmail.

If used to use Plaxo service, Yahoo! and Gmail to manage the address book, this service can also be combined into one. In addition, you can also send an e-mail with Yahoo Mail and Gmail, or send messages through My Space, Facebook and Orkut from this application.

Music and video features fixed in this application allows you to enjoy and share multimedia content. Thanks to the support of Orb, you can listen to music and videos from You Tube and watch the live streaming of

To manage images, available support to flicker and Picasa. In addition to both services, you can explore, share and comment on photos with ease in social networking. Amazingly, by choosing a picture, you can make a phone call to someone you do not even know his phone number.

To complete the service, Mobile Tribe features international calls and SMS through Internet media. This service is actually a service from a VoIP provider that offers international calls cost more frugal than the normal tariff.

The whole service can be accessed from any hape that supports Java, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Until now recorded leading brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Black Berry, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sanyo to this software operate smoothly.