Google Voice Allow User to Renew Call Number

A few weeks ago, Google has launched Google’s ability to use Voice dialing numbers with the existence of its users. This option provides all the features of voice messages from Google Voice to its users, such as transcription and notification email / SMS, without having to ask people to contact you at the new number.

But when the users update their call numbers, the user can decide what features you want by using a number of his Google-like inspection call, SMS via email, and a customizable schedule link.

Currently the Google has just announced that if the user has been using Google Voice with an existing number, now they can upgrade their accounts, select the number of new Google Voice, and start taking advantage of Google Voice feature complete set .

To do this, click “Settings” and look for links to “Get a Google Number” in addition to voice mail access number hers.

After the upgrade, users can activate the Google Voice for his cell phone voicemail. In this way the user will be asked to continue to access all his voice messages in one particular place, if somebody calls Google Voice number or mobile device owned by its users. Well, you want to try it?

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