Garmin Nuvi 1260t Review

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Article by Cyeli N

The Garmin Nuvi 1260t weighs just over 113 grams: this makes the GPS system ultra light weight and slender. The model is offered in three different models:

* North American (Sku # 010-00783-10) * New Zealand (Sku # 010-00783-18) * GPS, NA, Clamshell version (Sku # 010-00783-11)

Housing Dimensions:

* Depth: 6 inches * Height: 2.9 inches * Width: 3.7 inches

Display Dimensions:

* Diagonal Measurement: 3.5 inches * Height: 2.1 inches * Width: 2.8 inches

What is Included?

The Nuvi 1260t is outfitted with City Navigator®, Maps for Europe and North America, an FM traffic receiver, a power cable, and the device comes with traffic updates for the lifetime of the device. The device is sold with a USB connection, discs for connection to a dashboard and a suction cup so it can optionally be mounted to a windshield if desired.

Within the device the user gets a lithium-ion battery which requires periodic recharging, but the device is good for up to four hours before recharge is necessary. An internal solid state memory is integrated into the housing of the Garmin Nuvi 1260t, and it has 1000 favorites. It is compatible with a microSD™ card which is sold separate from the device.


The Garmin Nuvi 1260t is outfitted with a virtual plethora of features; voice prompting guidance and instruction are supplied to the user as well as vocal street name announcements. The device can be set up so that routes can be preselected based on personalized preferences and re-routing capabilities ensures that the user always has a new course to following when there is a change in travel plans. This GPS device is further housed with rather impressive Bluetooth® technologies that supply the user with wireless hands-free calling management features too.

The Garmin Nuvi 1260t is compatible with FM traffic, MSN® Direct, and the device has an indicator alerting the user to speed limits while traveling. It is also housed with some of the more traditional, superlative Garmin features like Garmin Garage™, Where Am I?™, Garmin Lock™, but it lacks the Garmin Locate™ feature.

Consumers will love the ecoRoute™ feature allowing them to maximize fuel efficiency, and the customizable points of interest makes the device fun and easy to use. Via the touch screen display the user of the Garmin Nuvi 1260t can also enjoy a picture navigation and viewing feature, and the GPS device is supplemented with convenient, super practical features like clocks, converters, and calculators.

The Garmin Nuvi 1260t is not waterproof and is therefore only ideal for consumers using the device in safe areas like inside a vehicle or in weather conditions where there is no rain. The device is not motorcycle or trucking friendly, it has no three dimension building views, and it lacks certain entertainment features found in other Garmin models; absent features include things like the MP3 player, and audio book device. Nevertheless, if the consumer is seeking a highly practical GPS system, the Garmin Nuvi 1260t will serve them well.Click Here!