A First Look At Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone

Samsung may have delayed the release of their foldable smartphone, but it’ still worth looking into this revolutionary gadget. Here’s what we know so far about the electronics giant’s first folding phone, the Galaxy Fold.A First Look At Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone

Foldable Smartphone Sneak Peek | Samsung Galaxy Fold
An Introduction of Foldable Smartphone in the U.S.
The foldable smartphone is finally happening in the U.S., and Samsung is leading the charge with its new foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold.

While the Samsung version may be the only one you’ve been hearing much buzz about, there is another folding phone to consider as well — the Mate X by Huawei.

The Mate X is larger than the Galaxy Fold and quite thin, which is why some are predicting it might give Samsung a real run for its money. Still, for most Americans, the eagerly awaited Samsung model is gaining the lion’s share of attention.

What’s the Big Deal About the Samsung Galaxy Fold?
Fans of the Galaxy Fold will, accurately, argue it is a tablet and a phone in one device. However, with that, this smartphone will approximately be the cost of a tablet and a phone.

Ringing in at $1,980, the foldable phone price is pricey. In fact, the Galaxy Fold is one of the most expensive mass-market phones available today. The real question is whether it’s worth its hefty price point or not.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold
Screen Size
Because the Galaxy Fold literally folds, it has the capacity to operate either as a smartphone with a 4.6” display or a tablet with a 7.5” display. That in itself is exciting because you get two gadgets in one package!

It also has an invisible hinge system that creates a seamless viewing experience. App continuity also allows the images, videos, and information to switch flawlessly when opening the phone.

The phone itself is available in four colors:
Cosmos blue
Space silver
Martian green
Astro blue
Depending on the specific color you choose, you’ll have the option to personalize the hinge colors on your phone as well.