The Ultimate List of Apps You Should Have on Your Smartphones

1. Best Food and Drink Apps for iOS

In this digital age, even the food industry keeps up with the evolution of technology. People want to search for not only the latest recipes but also the best drinks they can serve at their party. From helping you cook mouthwatering dishes to easy drink recipes, this article has the top recommendations any foodie will love.

2. Restaurant Apps That Get You Free Food

Want to get free food or earn treats and other rewards? Did you know there’s actually not just one, but several apps for that? Some fast food establishments, like Burger King, have their own apps that give out freebies, discounts or free coupons.

3. Best Health Apps for Android

Fitness buffs, here are some apps to help you get fit! These apps, both free and paid, can help you with everything from losing weight, eating right, and staying fit. While some of these may also be available on the App Store, here is a list of the top health software that Android users download from the Play Store.

4. Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Not a fan of Android smartphones? Don’t worry. We have something here for the diehard iPhone users. Digital Trends offers this roundup of the best health apps for iPhone users, categorizing it according to different fitness routines, from running, yoga, and strength training, to health, weight loss, and wellness.

4. Reading Apps for Bookworms

While some may have a dedicated ebook reader, there are others who prefer smartphones for their ebooks. They are not behind since some of best mobile reading applications are available on google play or the app store. To check the best free tools to download for digital books, Popsugar has listed 10 tools every bookworm should have on their phone.

5. Best Travel Apps In 2018 – Tips From a Travel Writer

People who love to travel need apps they can rely on. These essential tools for travelers can help you get flights and gate updates, track your baggage, or even speed through customs

6. Best Free Dating Apps

Online dating is here to stay, so mobile app developers have to keep up with the demand and new needs of its users. Online dating is no longer confined to a desktop. Some of the more interesting features include answering questions on a “Question Explorer”, which will match you with people with similar answers and opinions, and the ability to send virtual kisses.

7.  Best Mobile Games

Gone are the days when you only play video games on your PC and console. With the help of more advanced technology, you can play video games anytime anywhere using your mobile phone. Mobile gaming has come a long way since the first mobile game developed in 1998. From black and white 2D used in Snake in 1998 to the current high-quality 3D graphics and awesome game effects, mobile gaming has reached new heights when it comes to providing a good gaming experience to its users.

8. Best Car Apps for iOS and Android

Mileage, registration date reminder, locating your car and finding free parking spots are some of the things that concern car owners. Don’t fret because car apps that do this exist and there are still more. How does an app that allows you to navigate away from heavy traffic sound? Do you want an app to warn you of fixed speed cameras? There’s also an app for that.

9. The Best Educational Apps for Students iPhone and Android

The educational technology market is huge and diverse, so it’s no wonder that apps for this purpose are a dime a dozen. They cover a wide range of subject matters (math, business, literature, music, etc) and a wide audience (from the youngest to the oldest students possible). Aside from helping them learn more and practice their lessons, there are also apps to help train students’ organizational skills, which will surely help them later in life as much as their lessons in school.
There are more than 30 Android app categories on Google Play and around 24 or more categories on App Store, but we’ve only scratched the surface in this in this article to feature some of the best apps in the most-used categories. Before installing an app, remember to keep these two things in mind: check the credibility of the developer and what kind of information it gathers from your device. Yes, these tools are designed to make our lives better, but it’s still important to secure your personal information and safeguard yourself from online threats.